Emily Jacob, UnShamed

Because how can we step into our feminine power, if we carry shame for our experiences of femininity?

That’s the raison d’être of UnShamed. From the moment we become aware we’re developing into womanhood, we are made to feel shame for that womanhood. Whether it’s surrounding our fertility, our bodies, our sexuality, our hormones, our parenting, our ambitions, we find that we are shamed if we do, and shamed if we don’t.

I am Emily Jacob, the Founder of ReConnected Life (supporting women to go from living a half life after rape, to living a full and whole life again) and Curious Decisions (my marketing & corporate coaching business). I am a survivor, using my skills as a coach, and NLP Master Practitioner to empower others in their worlds. Let’s have a chat and talk about I can help you unshame yourself and step into your full feminine power.

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